Online resources concerning amendments to research ethics guidelines

The amendment to Japan’s Protection of Personal Information Act was enacted in 2017.5.30. As a result, research ethics guidelines in relevant fields were also amended in part.
Most research institutions will hold guidance sessions and lectures concerning the changes to research guidelines. Here, we have gathered a several resources that should aid researchers and institutions understand and adapt to the changes.

In the future, the GS Unit will provide updates on any revisions to consent form templates or guidance, as well as necessary information on how to understand and deal with these changes.

If you have any questions about the recent amendment, please leave a message in comment section (for registered users only) or contact us directly through the inquiry form on our website ( .

Japan’s Protection of Personal Information Act

1. Summary of the PPI Act (website of the Committee on Japan’s Protection of Personal Information Act)
Here you can find the full text of the PPI Act, as well as resources on laws, regulations, and guidance.

Research Ethics Guidelines
(A website dedicated to the projects in the life sciences, bioethics, and safety, run by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

1. A summary of the recent amendment to Japan’s PPI Act (including materials from guidance sessions)

2. Human medical research guidelines

Contains the full text of the amended guidelines, as well guidance and a checklist.

3. Ethical guidelines for human genome and genetic analysis research

Contains the full text of the amended guidelines and a Q&A section.